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Although I am not a professional contractor, I have worked with more than a few during my 40 years as a homeowner. In fact, I have had 3 kitchens, 7 bathrooms, and 2 master bedrooms renovated over the years. Because some of the experiences were a breeze, I found myself addicted to customizing my homes. If you are thinking about getting a little work done on your home, it is a good idea to learn as much about construction as you can. After all, how will you choose a new garage door opener if you aren't familiar with the different types? Understanding the materials and how to choose a contractor might streamline your renovation.

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How To Easily Replace An Old Telephone Jack

When you are using a home phone, you don't want to suffer from poor phone call quality. If your phone line has suddenly started to have little bursts of static pop-up when you are on the phone, or if it is constantly sounding like static, the most likely culprit is your phone jack. 

When To Replace Your Phone Jack

Over time, phone jacks tend to get worn out. The two most obvious signs that your phone jack needs to be replaced are static on the line when you make or receive phone calls and your line stops working entirely. 


You don't need very many supplies to replace your phone jack. You'll need to purchase a new phone jack from your local home improvement store. You will also need access to a screwdriver and possibly a razor blade or a pair of scissors.

Removing The Faceplate

The first thing you need to do is take your screwdriver, and remove the two screws on the top and bottom of the faceplate for your phone jack. You'll need to turn each screw counter clockwise to remove them; place them somewhere safe when you pull them out as you will need them again.

Then, gently pull the faceplate off of the wall. Do not yank the faceplate off the wall; you don't want to damage the wires that are connected to the face plate. 

Disconnecting The Wires

Take the faceplate and turn it over so you can see the backside of the faceplate where the wires are connected. Take your screwdriver and loosen the four screws that will be grouped together near the center of the faceplate; these screws will be holding four different colored wires onto the faceplate. 

Once the screws are all loose, remove the wires from the old faceplate. Examine the wires and look for signs of corrosion. If there are no signs of corrosion, proceed onto the next step in the process. If there are signs of corrosion, cut the wire back past the corrosion until you are sure all corroded wire is removed. Then, use your razor blade to peel back the sheathing, which is the plastic material that covers the wire about as far as it was pulled back on the section of the wires that you cut off. 

Connect The Wires To The New Faceplate

Now, take the new faceplate out of its packaging and turn it over towards the back. You are going to want to connect the wires to the new faceplate. Match the wires up to the corresponding colored wire on the faceplate, i.e., the red with the red, black with the black, etc. Just make sure that the bare wires do not touch or overlap one another. 

To attach them, you may need to loosen the screws a little bit like you did with the old faceplate, and wrap the wires around the corresponding colored screws. Once you have attached the wires to the corresponding screw and wire on the new faceplate, tighten the screws on the back up again.

Securing The New Faceplate

All you need to do now is take the new faceplate, and gently push it into the opening in your wall that you took the old faceplate out of. Then, take the two screws that you set aside, and use them to securely attach the new faceplate to the wall. This time, you'll want to turn the screws clockwise. 

Finally, plug in your phone and make a test call to ensure that the line is working and that the static is gone. If you need additional assistance with this task, your local electrician should be able to assist you.